Thursday, 10 October 2013

What's So Smart About the Breathometer?

On a recent episode of Shark Tank, a neat little gadget called Breathometer received a lot of interest and investment. Daymond John (owner of FUBU, and notable Shark - and I mean that in a good way!) made a very shrewd statement:

"You're very smart. I like to surround myself with people smarter than me..." (check it out here)

Now, that's good advice. In fact, it's great advice. But what's so smart about Breathometer? After all, there are many breathalyzers on the market.

The technology isn't that new, but typical breathalyzers tend to be bulky.

What was so smart about the Breathometer is that its inventor, Charles Michael Yim, combined three very important pieces of the party-goers jigsaw:
  • breath analysis in a small packet, plugged into a smart phone;
  • an indication of the time it will take to sober up;
  • a link to call a taxi, right in the app!
The unique combination of a small adapter, plugged into a smart phone, capable of linking the reality of being over the limit with a need to get home (or at least know how long it might take to get under the limit again!) was the genius of the product.

That's what you need to be able to do with each end every product - find a targeted market with a problem, solve their problem, and give them an alternative - do that, and your products will be irresistible.

But, there's a problem.

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